FUN FAX VIDEO BONUS: Dr. Seuss heavily influenced modern urban slang, having created the words “crunk”, “sizzurp”, and the phrase “sneetches get steetches”

After its Jeopardy triumph, IBM’s supercomputer Watson appeared on Family Feud and calculated with uncanny precision which answers would get a rise out of Steve Harvey.

In the late 80s, Ted Turner purchased WWF (the World Wildlife Fund) in the hopes that he could arrange a cage match between Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant Panda.

An emotionally distraught John Boehner persuaded his parents to change the pronunciation of the family’s surname after a group of schoolyard bullies reduced him to tears in 2006.

A controversial alternate explanation for the sudden extinction of the dinosaurs is referred to by some Creationists as “The Velocirapture”.

Due to overly complicated translations, the Spanish language edition of Us Weekly rarely has room on the cover for photographs.

Following several vigorously apathetic debates, judges finally awarded the Ironic Hipster of 2009 award to “Craig” Chin-Bangs “Johnson”.

Jaden Smith’s upcoming second single from the Karate Kid soundtrack is titled “Whatever, I Guess Parents Understand Sometimes.”

A miscommunication left rapper Pitbull performing at the Stanley Cup Finals instead of the World Cup Finals, resulting in an extremely awkward rendition of “O Canada.”

Steve Jobs’ signature black turtleneck also serves as his stage attire when he performs with his dance troupe, Immaculate Dedication.